Tales From Daisy, Now I Get Top Billing!

The long and short of the lives of us.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Donkey Gone?

Well Lady and I saw this story about two neighbors fighting over a donkey. Fighting over a donkey? Hey, there are better things to fight over, try us. I know, I know people fight over dogs all the time. But come on, these people actually took each other to court. The donkey had to appear in court as a witness. What's the deal? One guy says the donkey is too noisy and leaves too much smelly mess.Ahem, this guy hasn't met our neighbors. That big pitbull, Kayla, leaves a big mess when she goes out. We can hear her bark. Then our neighbor across the walk now have a pitmix puppy. The owners like to leave him on the pation. He crys and whimpers cause he wants to be inside. Of course everytime I hear him I have to alert Mom (usually cause I want to go investigate). I have to remind Lady that we need to take charge of our area. We are the queens. Donkeys have nothing on us. Even if he did wear a flag around his neck. We are still cuter and we dont leave a big mess, most of the time. Then again, I still like to pull the toilet paper off the roll and pretend nothing happened as I sit in the chair with Mom. Let's see a donkey do that!

Friday, April 13, 2007

An Aspirin a Day

Hey Lady, Mom saw your trick. Mom gives you a baby aspirin everyday to help your old bones. Don't spit it out. Even I saw what you did. Dad usually puts in a piece of his breakfast sandwich and you don't even know it is there. But since he has been skipping breakfast he hasn't done it. So Mom has had to make you take it. I watched her put the aspirin in the back of your mouth. You chewed. Of course you didn't chew the pill. Then I saw you drop the pill by the side of Mom's chair. Did you really think she would not notice? Aha, she did see. Well guess what Lady, here comes Mom!Take your medicine, it will make you feel better. No, don't try to hide it again, especially the same place you just did. You are smarter than that! Open up and take your medicine like a good dog. Now that wasn't so bad was it?

Monday, April 02, 2007

Who Took My Crackers?

Mom accidently dropped a package of peanut butter crackers on the floor in the kitchen. I guess she was busy and did not notice. Then I snuck in and grabbed them. Yesterday, I put them in my chair and pushed the blanket over them so nobody would see them. Yum, can't wait to rip into them and taste that peanut butter cheeze crackers. A whole six pack all to myself. No Lady, no Mom no Dad. Their mine, all mine! Wait a minute! Where are my crackers? I hid them here yesterday. Man, Mom must have found them! I was so looking forward to tearing into them. Yeah, I see that Mom took the blanket off Lady's chair too. Today is wash day. I guess she found my stash. Phooey!