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Saturday, May 23, 2009

We Tried to Have a Sleep-over

Mom stayed up late last night. We kept trying to tell her we wanted to go to be, but she ignored us. How Rude! She was sitting on the back porch talking with Bobby. I sneaked into Traci's bedroom and climbed onto the bed. Man that is a tall bed. Lady would never have made it up there. Brad and Aryn were camped out in the living room. Aryn was curled up on the couch and Brad was on the floor with his pillow and blanket. That is where Lady went. She got under Brad's blanket and huddled with him.

So when Mom decided to go to bed (how dare you stay up so late!) she could not find Lady cause it was dark in the living room. I thought I had it made until Bobby found me in their bed. Nuts, foiled again! So he picked me up and told Mom, I found her (me). Well, I thought I could get away with it, but I didn't. Well we tried anyway.


  • At 6:14 PM, Blogger Dynomite said…

    Hey Trust me been there done that
    Hey us dogs when we need to go we need to go
    Almost made it


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