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Thursday, November 05, 2009

No. It's not a Dog's Life

We just can't get any respect. First Mom takes us to Waco where there is Sammie, a dog bigger than us and a cat that sneezes at us. Oh yeah, did I mention that that same cat starts trouble between all us dogs and the runs away? And did you know that rats in cages are annoying?

Yes Daisy I know but Sammie is just trying to play with you! Ok, ok ---Sammie leave Daisy alone. Dumb dog. Wait a minute Daisy and Sammie are both dumb. I'm the smart one.

We're going where? Ozona? What's that? A long car ride from Waco, huh... Ok. There are what there? Tow little boys? Two BIG dogs? No problem.Right Daisy?, Daisy? Hey! What the heck is that? What do you mean that's a dog? No it's not. Oh wait there are two of them. They are giants - no just labs. Pay attention we can train them, right Daisy? Daisy why are you barking? Oh I forgot Big Bad Daisy inside, Coward outside. Why are you hiding behind mom? Daisy...


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