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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

A New Hunting Season

So What have you all been doing. I have been sleeping mostly. Imagine that! A Lady needs her beauty sleep. But Daisy and I have both discovered something new. Frog hunting. With all the rain around here, there are a lot of frogs and baby frogs hopping around. At night you can hear all the frogs calling each other. When Mom takes us outside at night we like to try to chase the frogs. Man there are a lot of very tiny frogs hopping around. Mom is afraid that she might step on one. Daisy really likes to try to catch them. There seem to be a lot of big frogs that have met untimely ends in the street. Squashed is probably a better word. But Daisy is happy to try to catch a little unsuspecting frog. Mom is not too happy with that idea. She doesn't want us to hurt them. But you should see Daisy trying to pounce on them. She jumps, they jump. Daisy jumps again only to discover the little frogs have jumped into the grass where she cant find them. Usually she gives up because Mom wants her to get her business done. I wonder what Daisy would do if she caught a frog? What would I do? I'll bet that they don't taste good, anyway. Oh well.