Tales From Daisy, Now I Get Top Billing!

The long and short of the lives of us.

Thursday, December 27, 2007


Come here, Lady, hurry!

What do you want Daisy?

Look at that!


Just look at all those little things moving around and up and down.

Those are fish, dummy! Mom and Dad bought an aquarium for Christmas.

What's an aquarium?

That is what that box thing is with water and all those orange, black, pink and stripped things.
All those things going around and around are fish. Now can I go back to sleep now?

Well!, Excuse me Lady, I just asked! Maybe I will just sit here and watch them go around and around. Is that all they do? Hum, what is the big deal. Mom and Dad can't pet them. Fish, phoey!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Aw Man, Again?

Mom, I am trying to tell you that these people are bothering me. You keep telling me to be quiet. What is a girl supposed to do? Don't tell me to be more like Lady cause she is quiet. It is not my fault that the new family across the walk are so noisy when they go in or out. They slam the door and talk loud. They are in and out all day. Why do they have to be so noisy? Why do they have to slam the door? You don't do that. The man leaves early in the morning and is quiet. The women and the kid are not. This morning one of them left to take the kid to school. Then she ended up standing outside yelling at the kid to hurry up. That's not my fault. Then the women come home for lunch at different times, in and out. I don't know why they have to talk so loud.

You keep telling me to be quiet cause you dont want me barking all the time. I'm just trying to protect our home. I'm on alert to people around here. I know I disturb your work. But they disturb me. Keep it quiet over therpeople. Will ya!

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Seperate Toys Mean Separate Rooms

Yawn..mmm good. Mom gave me a new little chew bone this morning. So what happened? Daisy grabbed it from me right out of my mouth! Boy was I made. She has her own big chew bone why does she want mine? Mom chased her all over the living room. I sat on the sofa seething with anger. See me snarl? Get her Mom, get her! Whew! Mom grabbed Daisy and pulled my bone out of her mouth. Just who do you think you are, Daisy! Finally, I got my bone back cause Mom took Daisy and her big bone upstairs. Now Daisy is whining and mad cause she wants to come back down stairs. She's just gonna have to wait till I finish my yummy bone treat. Shouldn't take me long. Umm got some nice meat taste in it. I can't really chew on those bigger bones anymore. Why does Daisy always want what I get?

I hear Daisy stratching at the door. Mom just went upstairs. Crab, I have to guard this! Ah ha, Mom has her on a leash,na,na... Yeah, get in the chair with Mom. That is right, you just stay there until I am through with this. I think I will chew slowly just to irritate you more. Put your head down like Mom told you Daisy! This is mine, all mine. Ah, now I finished. Yum. Thanks Mom.