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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Yet Another Goodbye Too Soon

What happened. I miss Lady...now I miss Rowdy. Mom and Dad said Rowdy got sick. He didn't act sick, at first, then he didn't want to do anything. Mom and Dad took him to the vet who couldn't make a good diagnosis without putting him in the hospital (by himself). The vet said Rowdy would probably not make it. So Mom and Dad brought him home cause they didn't want him to die alone. So, just like Lady we all stayed together with him until he quietly passed away.

Mom and Dad said they didn't want to get another dog for a while bu Amanda decided differently. She went to the animal shelter and got a little, and I mean little, dog for Mom and Dad as a Christmas present. She's not like me...we all think she is a chihuahua. Just another loud, yapping dog if you ask me. She is now about three months old. Guess I have to teach her the ropes now. I used to be the youngest, now I'm the oldest. But hey, that means I get top billing on this blog now, right?

I still miss Rowdy, but this little kid named Ginger wants to play all the time and chew on everything. But I'm keeping an eye on her. Mom says maybe I'll get some exercise now since Ginger likes to run around the house. Finally someone who likes to play! But she's so little...