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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Well, What Now?

So this kid is going to stay around I guess. I wish she would quit nipping my neck. When is she going to grow up? Huh Mom? When? What do you mean "It will be a while"? I've had no peace since she's been here. Where's Rowdy when you need him? Yeah I know he went to the Rainbow Bridge. I wonder if he's met Barry Manilow's dogs?

Mom says I have to help train this kid, but I just don't know. I bark, she yaps. Grrr. Why does she have to lie on my all the time. And I thought we had to go out even if it was raining. She refusse. That's not funny.

Mom and Dad think it's cute when Ginger likes to look at the fish. Sometimes I'd like to push her into the water with them. As soon as Dad gets home from work she wants to play and get in trouble. And, oh yeah, Mom can you make her quit racing around when I am trying to sleep? Can I bite her? Why can't she just be nice and quiet like me? I'm so tired now.

Nuts... I think I'll go find a place to hide. Aw crap here she comes again. So much for a nice nap. How many more months until she grows out of this? Sigh.