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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

What Do You Mean, It's Not Summer, Yet?

Man I did not realize how hot it is out there. I got really tired and hot yesterday when Mom and I went for our afternoon walk. No wonder we did not walk that long. That pavement is hot. Of course I would have to be low to the ground which makes it feel hotter to me. Mom says this is too hot to be Spring. She is not real happy with the neighbors. They got a cute little rabbit for Easter. Why did I not notice him/her before? Now I just gotta go see it every time I go outside! They used to keep it on their patio. Mom said it would be better than rather than out in the heat and sun.I agree, they have a cardboard top on it but I guess that gets hot too. Maybe they dont want the mess on the patio. Mom got mad last night we went outside cause they had cleaned the cage and dumped the rabbit droppings in the middle of the area where everybody walks. They should have put that over by the fence or in a place where no on walks. After all Mom makes sure that Lady and I do our business away from where the other people walk.

Well, I wonder how how it will be today. Now I understand why Lady doesn't like to go outside in the afternoon. My little belly sure has been hot lately. It is tough of those of us who are so close to the ground. Think I'll just lay on my back under the ceiling fan in the living room. It's not even summer yet, yuck.

Arfs from Daisy.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

A Rabbit?

I was walking Mom yesterday afternoon when I discovered that the kids from the other side of the building were outside. They were all bouncing around. Hey, wai that's my job! Then I noticed they were playing with a rabbit. A rabbit? These kids have a rabbit. I thought something was funny last week when I saw a big pile of rabbit poop on the grass. I had seen a cage on their patio and knew that a critter was in the cage. Mom says she thinks they got it for Easter. So these kids were all over this little rabbit. I guess they were trying to treat it like a dog. Not like me cause I would not put up with those guys! Then they decided to move the cage which sat on the patio between two chairs. Where do they move it? They move it to the back of the building. I would hate to see a big dog run through the area cause a big dog would knock over that cage with no effort. Now Mom is a little worried about this little creature. Me I was a little scared when I first saw the cage. I almost stopped in my tracks. Mom almost ran into me. I wonder why those humans decided to put the rabbit back there. They put a cardboard top on it but it is still going to be hot outside. This is Texas after all. Me, I think they should have left the little guy on the patio in the shade. It already is hot. When Mom and I walk along the street I get really hot. At least I get to come inside and lay on my back to cool off.

I hope that little rabbit will be ok. Just because I was bred to be a hunter doesnt mean that I dont have feelings, right?

Well at least Mom did get the rugs from the trash. She put the big one upstairs. Now we don't have to slide around when walking in the hall.

Lady said Hello.