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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What Do I Do Now, Mom?

Yikes! Lady was sleeping in her chair as usual as Mom and I got ready to go for a walk. As we got near the front of the building we noticed Kayla, the pitbull, was outside too. She was at her front door with her Daddy. Suddenly she growled and lunged at me. Boy, I am not usually scared, but that really scared me. I clung close to Mom's leg. Kayla's Daddy didn't do much to stop her other than call her name. Mom was not at all happy and neither was I. I try to be nice to everyone here even Lucy who runs wildly around us. But now I am worried that Kayla will continue to get mean. Mom usually tries to make sure that we are far apart, but this time we didn't have a chance. I'm still a little worried. Guess we will just have to be really careful.