Tales From Daisy, Now I Get Top Billing!

The long and short of the lives of us.

Monday, July 31, 2006

At least I made her laugh

Mom hasn't been in a very good mood lately. Every time she tries to take pictures of us,either Lady or I mess up by moving, or just getting up and leaving. Then she and Dad have been worried about the bills. She paid the rent today and now there is not enough money to pay some other bills on time. Mom Hates that. So I followed her around this morning and all that did was make her mad cause she was afraid she'd step on me. Lady and I know that Mom and Dad are stressed so we do what we can. I did get a laugh out of her this morning. I pulled my trick of unmaking the bed. She came into the bedroom and yelled hey! Then she looked under the bedspread to find me lying on the bed under the sheets just like any human (I mean dog) would. She couldn't help but laugh! Yea! List I made her laugh!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Shadow Knows

I followed Mom all over the house yesterday. After all the Grand Dame, Lady ignored me all day. Even when I bounced up to her and nipped her in the nose. She really hates that! So, since Mom was doing the laundry and cleaning I followed her. Just like a shadow, I watched what she did. I stuck my head in the shower. I made her remake the bed twice. She brought out the broom, I chased it. Those bristles don't chew well. I closely followed as she got the garbage ready. I keep missing that bag. One of these days I'll figure out how to get that bag open. Yeah, the Shadow knows. Everytime Mom went downstairs, I was right behind. Back upstairs to the computer room. Nice spot under Mom's feet. Lady was relaxed on the couch. Mom went downstairs to watch her soaps. How come they dont have soaps for dogs?

Later, I, still playing the Shadow, followed a fly all over the den. It flew around the room and into the kitchen. Sitting in the chair with Mom, I kept my eye on it. Man that little guy is fast! I followed it around behind Mom's chair. That stupid fly just had to sit on the blinds just out of my reach. I sat up and woofed at it. Mom told me to be quiet. She just doesn't understand. I have to defend our home from all creatures, great and small. That fly could be a spy! The Shadow has to stay alert! Nothing escapes the nose of the Shadow. Now which way did that fly go?

Monday, July 24, 2006

Did you do that?

Uh, Daisy did you do that? Mom is gonna be mad. You pooped on the bathmat and then tried to hide it by pushing the mat into a bunch. You know Mom is gonna find out when she takes a shower. I dont think she will be very happy if she steps in it. She is already on your case for stealing the washer hose and hiding it under the bed. How did you do that? When the guys took out the old washer did they drop it and you swooped in and got it? How long have you been hiding it under the bed? You think you are so coy. But, you always look guilty especially when you are caught with the evidence in your mouth. Me, I'm the good dog, I wouldn't do that. I know which side of the sheets I sleep in.

Monday, July 17, 2006


I'm tired this morning, it is morning isn't it? I know you guys want pix of Lady and me, be patient. First I have to get Lady to stay awake long enough to take a decent picture then I have to get the techno-dumb humans to figure out how to get the picture out of the camera, onto the computer, then on our blog. I know it's not rocket science, but I am working with humans here.

Excuse me while I stretch alittle. Um that felt good. Mom's son brought over his new puppy, a Boston Terrier. Man, I thought I had energy! Spike chased me all over the den, around and around, and around. Then Lady got mad 'cause he was chasing me and started growling at us. I think she's jealous cause she rarely runs any more. Spike is really loud. Mom kept holding her ears.

Right now, I'm going to get some food and go hide out in my bed. Mom's doing the laundry and I might have to see if I can catch a dropped sock.

Arfs till later.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Ha, Ha! ROFL! It's about time Daisy! Mom got you good! How do you like payback! How many times a day do you pester her to go outside and just stand there gazing into space? I, on the other hand, am always the "good" dog. Mom got you good. You didn't think I was watching. Oh yeah, one eye open under the blanket in my chair, I saw. You jumped into Mom's lap for some petting. As she was petting you, you thought you'd give her kisses. So what does Mom do? She goes Bizzt, just like a bee or a drill. You jumped back in amazement! Then you jumped off the chair and ran around the room, ha! Then you got back in her lap and she did it again. You'd kiss, she'd bzzt. So funny! Payback time kid! If I could only bzzt, instead of bark and growl. I get tired of you bouncing up at me, barking and nipping. I don't want to play with you! Get it? Don't make me go after you! Bzzt!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A Hunting We Will Go

Lady is so lazy. I keep telling her it is fun to chase the birds. Of course I never catch them. Mom wouldn't let me anyway. Lady must think she is too good to go bird hunting. She won't even look at them. I've tricked Mom into taking me out 5 or 6 times at day just so I can see what I can find. I also am good at tracking. I don't know what I was following yesterday but I sniffed all around the yard. Mom got irritated cause the bugs were bitting. I don't understand why she won't let me try to bite those bees and wasps. Sometimes Mom is just no fun at all.

Daisy are you nuts? I learned a long time ago not to try to bite bees or wasps, they hurt. Take it from me the Grand Dame of the house, they are not worth the effort. You think I'm lazy cause I don't chase the birds. I just know that you can't catch them. Save your energy Crazy Daisy for better things like treats or trying to get away from the bathtub. Quick, looks like Mom is getting the bath stuff ready. Nuts, I wish I could move faster. Alas, a bath is better than hunting...

Monday, July 10, 2006

Just Cause We're Dogs

We have things to say, even if no one wants us to speak. Daisy and I have seen a bunch of things lately that make us glad to live where we do. Our friend next door is back, but nothing has changed. He is still on the chain. At least we get to stay inside.We get to play and fight and sleep in the bed. He doesn't. That makes us mad. Daisy is young and eager to learn about things, I, on the other hand, would rather just lounge around and not be bothered. Just remember dogs have feelings too.

Friday, July 07, 2006

I've Learned Something New!

He,he I just learned a new trick to drive Mom nuts!. She makes the bed every morning and I just learned how to un-make it. Wow, what fun! Mom's not to happy, but I love getting under the covers and making the pillows fall down.

So, what can I do tomorrow? I'll have to sleep on it. Lady thinks I'm crazy. Of course Mom doesn't call me Crazy Daisy for nothing. Arf1