Tales From Daisy, Now I Get Top Billing!

The long and short of the lives of us.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

So, Angel and the kids and the parents moved

Man, it is quiet here now. Our pit-mix neighbor Angel and her people finally moved. They are now on their way to Alaska. Why in the world would they go from Houston to Alaska. It's cold there!

I'm gonna miss Angel. She used to get bored when she was left on the patio all day. Mom and I would go out for a walk and I'd see here there. So lonely.

Mom was talking with the Dad and the two kids last week. The little boy wanted her to take me off the leash so he could play with me. Sadly Mom told him that she could not let me off the leash cause "I would be gone so fast". Is she saying I would run? or that I am fast? You bet! So much to get into, but too close to the road.

Hum the neighbors left a big pile of trash for their landlord to clean up. Mom spotted a could of little rugs and floor mats. Wonder if she will have the nerve to get them? They will just go to the landfill. Lady and I could use them, right?

I'm hoping she'll go get them for us..


Thursday, May 24, 2007

Where's the Bird?

Hey Lady, have you noticed how quiet it has been? No yelling parrot when MoM washes the dishes or when Mom and Dad sit down to eat?

Yeah, Daisy, they gave the parrot away. Mom got tired of listening to all that noise. And he made such a mess all the time. It was ok when we had a house with a yard and covered patio. Astro liked to stay outside on the patio in the summer. This place is too small and there is no place for Astro.

So where did he go?

One of Amanda's friends wanted a parrot so that is where he went. The joke is on Astro tho- he go his beak clipped, his toes clipped and his wings clipped. That will teach him to be so noisy!

Oh, ok, say Lady, want to bark at the neighbor's dog? She's out on the patio again.

No, go away Daisy, you are bothering me. I'm watching tv.

Well, I'm going upstairs and wait for that dog to bark. I'll tell her a few things.


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Hey, want'a play?

It's 3:00 in the morning. Why won't anyone play with me? The dog next door is on her patio barking and I'm wide awake. I've jumped off the bed, back on the bed and down again. Nobody wants to play. Not even Lady. Of course she never wants to play.

Hey, I finally got Mom up. She doesn't seem too happy. Just cause I was pulling my little bed all over the room. She picked it up off the floor and fussed at me. Hello, I want some attention here! What else can I do? Can't pull toilet paper off the roll cause the bathroom door is shut. Nuts.

Lady is growling at me. She's pushed up close to Daddy. Mom is telling me to get back on the bed. I don't want to. I want to play. What can I get into? I can't reach my bed now cause Mom put it up. Grrr. No squeaky toys to play with. I see it up there on the dresser. Mom gives me that when she and Dad have to go out to the grocery store. Man, if I could just get that, I could wake up everybody! Oops, Mom almost caught me. Now if I can stay just out of reach...

I don't think Mom will be getting any more sleep. Will she be in a good mood? Uh, guess I will just have to wait. Hey it's almost 5am now, can we get up now? Mom? Dad? Lady?

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Hey Lady! Listen

Hey Lady, wake up!


Do you hear that noise?

Yeah, what about it? It's just somebody mowing the neighbors grass again.

No, No! Somebody is mowing ours!

You're kidding!

Nope! Now we can go pee without having all those weeds above us. Yipee!

Yeah, great...

Come on Lady! Hey you know what I heard early this morning?

No, but I'm sure you're going to tell me.

Yeah, you know those mockingbirds across the street? You know the ones that are always out wheN Mom and I go walking?

What about them?

I was listening to them sing and I heard something really weird. One of them finished his song by sounding like a truck backing up. You know, that beep, beep, beep sound those big truck make?

That is weird. I heard Mom telling Dad about that show on tv where a tropical bird was making the sound of a buzz saw cause he heard it all the time while the people were cutting down the trees. So one of the birds here is making a noise like humans use? That is weird. Maybe I need to pay more attention to what those birds are singing about. They didn't use to do that did they?

Nope. Weird, huh.