Tales From Daisy, Now I Get Top Billing!

The long and short of the lives of us.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Ha! That'll Learn You!

Hey, Lady! You should have seen me.

Do what?

Ok, get this, Mom and I were walking around the back of the building. It was dark. Mom hates that, you know.

Yes, Daisy, get on with it.

Ok, ok,. So I am walking along looking for a good spot and sniffing around cause that cat has been lurking around...

Daisy, get to the point! I'm tired, I want to go to bed!

Lady, You are so spoiled! Anyway, all of a sudden Mom and I look up and there is a german shepherd standing in the main yard. He looked up and saw us. When he did that he struck a mean pose. Then I, long brown brave dog barked at him. Guess what? He took off running like a scared deer!. Wow he ran off so fast and we lost sight of him so fast...I think he's still running. Ha!

So, what do you want, a medal?

Lady, shut up! Spoilsport!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

You Want Me To Do What?

Mom said you have to go out, Daisy.

Not a chance Lady, I won't go!

Why? It is just a little rain.

Rain? Are you kidding? I hear it. It is not just a little rain!

Mom, don't make me... Ok. I'll stick my nose out of the door. Nope. I'm not going out in the rain. The water is over the top of the walkway. Things are floating.

Mom, please don't make me go, I promise I won't pee on the carpet. What do you mean I have to go? Mom, Mom?

Man, this is a mess out here. How am I supposed to pee and poop in all this water? Just do it? Easy for you to say Mom, you are taller than me. And you have an unbrella.

Ugh! Let me shake all this water off. Hey Lady, you're next. Yes you are!

Ha,Ha Lady , Mom made you go too!

Shut up, Daisy. At least I don't take all day trying to find a spot.

Hey, Lady. Want to share the blanket? No, fine then I'll curl up here by myself. Nice and warm.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Brown on Brown

Ever notice how dark it is at night? Mom and Dad thought it would be great to have dark carpet when we all moved here. Trouble is they cant find us in the dark! On the other hand it could be bad for us. We could get stepped on cause they cant see us. But it fun to lie on the floor and not be seen. Oh, watch out here comes Dad better move. He never looks where he is going. Mom spend several minutes trying to find us last night. On top of that we kept moving. Ha, ha. Oops I dont think she thinks it is so funny. Me, I like being almost invisible. But then again Lady always thinks it is better to sit in the chair with Mom. Suck up!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Now Where Did She Go?

Man, being the Grand Dame is hard sometimes. Lady is usually pestering me all the time. That is unless Mom has put clean sheets on and made the bed. Guess Daisy is upstairs. She tried to fight with me a couple of times this morning. I was not amused. I decided I wanted to go out on the patio. Mom opened the door. Then I decided to fool her and walk the other way. She would have none of that. She picked me up and put me out there. How rude. Then I decided I wanted back in. I stood there and no one even looked at me. "Hey, I want back in!" "I didn't say I wanted to stay out here!"

So where did that Crazy Daisy go. If she thinks I am going upstairs to look for her she is not going to be happy. Let me see, As I look around the room I dont see her. She is not in that chair, not that one. Crazy Daisy is never still. I'll be glad when she quits scratching all the time. Oh wait she came out from under the blanket cause Amanda came down stairs. Now she is trying to out cute me! Doesn't she know she cant out cute Me?