Tales From Daisy, Now I Get Top Billing!

The long and short of the lives of us.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Well, What Now?

So this kid is going to stay around I guess. I wish she would quit nipping my neck. When is she going to grow up? Huh Mom? When? What do you mean "It will be a while"? I've had no peace since she's been here. Where's Rowdy when you need him? Yeah I know he went to the Rainbow Bridge. I wonder if he's met Barry Manilow's dogs?

Mom says I have to help train this kid, but I just don't know. I bark, she yaps. Grrr. Why does she have to lie on my all the time. And I thought we had to go out even if it was raining. She refusse. That's not funny.

Mom and Dad think it's cute when Ginger likes to look at the fish. Sometimes I'd like to push her into the water with them. As soon as Dad gets home from work she wants to play and get in trouble. And, oh yeah, Mom can you make her quit racing around when I am trying to sleep? Can I bite her? Why can't she just be nice and quiet like me? I'm so tired now.

Nuts... I think I'll go find a place to hide. Aw crap here she comes again. So much for a nice nap. How many more months until she grows out of this? Sigh.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Yet Another Goodbye Too Soon

What happened. I miss Lady...now I miss Rowdy. Mom and Dad said Rowdy got sick. He didn't act sick, at first, then he didn't want to do anything. Mom and Dad took him to the vet who couldn't make a good diagnosis without putting him in the hospital (by himself). The vet said Rowdy would probably not make it. So Mom and Dad brought him home cause they didn't want him to die alone. So, just like Lady we all stayed together with him until he quietly passed away.

Mom and Dad said they didn't want to get another dog for a while bu Amanda decided differently. She went to the animal shelter and got a little, and I mean little, dog for Mom and Dad as a Christmas present. She's not like me...we all think she is a chihuahua. Just another loud, yapping dog if you ask me. She is now about three months old. Guess I have to teach her the ropes now. I used to be the youngest, now I'm the oldest. But hey, that means I get top billing on this blog now, right?

I still miss Rowdy, but this little kid named Ginger wants to play all the time and chew on everything. But I'm keeping an eye on her. Mom says maybe I'll get some exercise now since Ginger likes to run around the house. Finally someone who likes to play! But she's so little...

Saturday, August 20, 2011


Dear Mom,

Rowdy and I don't want to go outside today. Why? Well you just try to walk around the street with no shoes on. Yeah, it's hot outside. The reason we are so quiet is because we don't want to go out in the hot weather. Did you notice that even Rowdy only goes out when he has to really do something?

Tell all your friends that we dogs don't like to walk on hot pavement. It hurts our paws. The grass or ground is better. At least it is not so hot. Please also tell those humans( we use that term loosely) to please thing about their pets that live outside. Please make sure they have shade and plently of water.

Also remember that in this Texas drought other creatures are trying to find
food and water. So be careful that you don't get animals in the yard that might hurt you or us. I have heard that snakes are coming out of hiding and we don't want to be bitten by one.

Thanks Mom and Dad for letting us be house dogs.

Love Daisy and Rowdy.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Lady's Thoughts from Above

As I pass from this life to the next, the one thing that keeps coming to my mind is that I thank God that he chose the family I had. I could not have had a better family to be a part of. I was never treated as a dog or even as a pet, but as an integral member of a wonderful family. Whatever situation that arose, if I wasn't welcomed, you weren't going.

I remember the day that my "brother and sisters" came to get me. I saw the car come into the driveway. I was hiding. I was the runt of the litter. When I saw them come up to the porch, I told myself that is the family I want to live with and raced up to them. I was not gonna let the other puppies have a chance. Evidently they felt the same way because they didn't hesitate to pay for me and rush me home.And when I got there, my new Mom and Dad were waiting. I believe we mutually fell in love with each other right away. Thank you God!

I remember being treated better than the human children. I know I was special. I had a special Sunday breakfast every week. I got treats for waking up, going to bed, and doing my business. I always had toys to play with, a special chair to lay in and a blanket for cover. I got to sleep with Mom and Dad every night in a real bed. Thanks Dad for letting me sleep against you every night. I always felt safe while sleeping. Thanks Mom for taking me out on walks even though I sometimes want to go. And thank you for always keeping my food and water bowls full.

I guess I can admit to a few things now. Yes Amanda, it was me who go into your food stash. Candy, chips, and gum are pretty good. Amanda, you gave me my middle name: Lynn. When I heard Lady Lynn, I knew I was in trouble, but we always managed to work things out.

And then came the worst day of my life. An intruder!! What the Hell is a Daisy? What the Hell were Mom and Dad thinking? Was I being replaced? Did I do something wrong? I got scared and jealous. I hated you Daisy, but then I realized I was getting older and they wanted me to show you the ropes. Sorry I didn't do too good a job. Best thing was you were very young and very wild. I could do things and you would get the blame. Sorry Daisy, I should have treated you better, it was nothing personal.

Rowdy, little brother, I'm sorry we only got to spend 6 months together. You are a wonderful little dog, just like me and Daisy, you are an integral part of a wonderful family. I know you will have a great life with Mom and Dad. Please make them proud of you. And "little bro" it was very loving and thoughtful of you to let me spend eternity wrapped in your blanket. I will cherish it's warmth and your love. Thank you so much Rowdy.

I have too many great memories to mention them all here. We had 13 years together and I cherish them all.

Mom and Dad, I want to express a special thank you to you. You let me go under my terms and with dignity. I will always cherish that last night together. Right after supper that last night, I went into a coma. You hugged me, petted me and thanked me for being a member of the family. I felt both Daisy and Rowdy touch my nose with theirs. Even in a coma I could still feel the love and the good-byes. You carried me upstairs and laid me on the bed with my blanket. During the night I passed on, all warm and comfortable, just like any other night. I wouldn't have it any other way.

I know all of you are sad and I have seen you shed tears for me. On one paw I am sad not to be with you, on the other paw I am glad to be here in Heaven. I work tirelessly each day helping God to prepare places for each and every member of my family. Yes, even you Daisy.

I will close with the same thought I started with: Thank you God for the family you chose for me!!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Just the Three of Us??

Hey Lady, who is that little guy? He looks a lot like us but he's smaller and Mom says he's dappled.

Daisy, that is who came to live with Daddy while we lived in Waco. What do you think? Shall we teach him some lessons? He thinks he rules the house now. He even get right in the middle of the bed on the pillows. Even you and I know better!

Yeah, Daisy, I guess you and I will just have to show him who's boss. Hey, kid, what's your name? Rowdy, did you say? Hum..

Uh oh... don't look now but there is someone else here in the kitchen. There are two cages and, wait a minute...Those are rabbits! What the heck was Daddy thinking? Rabbits?? Why? How?

Oh, good the rabbits stay outside most of the time so they won't be here inside with us. We are not about to share a be with two rabbits!Right. Right!

Thursday, November 05, 2009

No. It's not a Dog's Life

We just can't get any respect. First Mom takes us to Waco where there is Sammie, a dog bigger than us and a cat that sneezes at us. Oh yeah, did I mention that that same cat starts trouble between all us dogs and the runs away? And did you know that rats in cages are annoying?

Yes Daisy I know but Sammie is just trying to play with you! Ok, ok ---Sammie leave Daisy alone. Dumb dog. Wait a minute Daisy and Sammie are both dumb. I'm the smart one.

We're going where? Ozona? What's that? A long car ride from Waco, huh... Ok. There are what there? Tow little boys? Two BIG dogs? No problem.Right Daisy?, Daisy? Hey! What the heck is that? What do you mean that's a dog? No it's not. Oh wait there are two of them. They are giants - no just labs. Pay attention we can train them, right Daisy? Daisy why are you barking? Oh I forgot Big Bad Daisy inside, Coward outside. Why are you hiding behind mom? Daisy...

Friday, July 10, 2009

And So She Walks

Daisy is surely a street walker. Not in the way you would think...Yes Daisy, we will go walking down the street, but please remember you have business to do and you need to keep your mind on it. I don't care how many people are outside. Yes I know there are kids playing. This does not mean that they are going to stop what they are doing to run to see you. Just because you are a drama queen, you can't have your way all the time. So let's go.

And so she walks down the street with me. Not exactly happy because I have to remind her of what she is there for and meet and greet is not it.