Tales From Daisy, Now I Get Top Billing!

The long and short of the lives of us.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Where are you going with that?

I really had everybody wondering what I was doing. What was I doing? I decided to move my bed. Is something wrong with my bed? No, it's nice and soft. I just decided I needed a change of scenery. So,one night I moved it under Mom and Dad's bed. Mom moved it back to the bathroom where it usually is. The next day while Dad was in the computer room, I dragged it in there. He thought I was nuts. Lady just looked at me. She didn't offer to help. That's ok, I can handle it. Then I thought I would move it downstairs. That didn't go so well. Almost made it till Mom came up the stairs. Whyd do you think I did it?

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Caught Again

Ha Ha, you got a bath, you got a bath.

Shut up, Lady!

Oops, spoke too soon.

Not so funny, is it, Kid.

Ok, so we both got caught. Actually my old bones feel better. How about you, Daisy?
Well at least we are both clean. Now if Mom would just let us outside so we can go roll in the grass!

At least now Mom has to clean the bathtub.

Daisy, you are mean.

Well, I'm learning from you.

Let's go take a nap.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Daisy, Mom"s Gonna Be Mad!

Daisy, when are you going to learn to be cool, like me? Mom is really mad now! She was annoyed with you when you chewed on the boxes, but when you tore up Daddy's heating pad, ow...

What's with you kid? Are you cutting more teeth? You are over a year old. Why are you making Mom and Dad mad? They were just begining to trust you. Mom is not going to let you have run of the house if you keep that up. Cool it, kid!

Friday, August 18, 2006

The Conversation

Don't tell Mom but I'm gonna try to get one of those birds.

Daisy, you'd better not. Mom will be really mad. Those birds are her pals.

Aw, come on. I just want to chase them. Maybe catch a few feathers.

Look kid, do you see that thing hanging in the tree over there? That's a feeder. It had seed in it. Those birds you want to chase get food there. Mom likes to watch the doves, blue jays, sparrows, finches and wrens. And don't forget those red birds too.

Yeah, but I bet I could catch them. I've been watching them flying. I can run really fast.

I don't care how fast you think you can go, those birds will fool you. Besides, do you really want a mouth full of feathers.

Man, Lady, you're no fun. What's that red thing hanging in the other tree?

That's a hummingbird feeder. Don't even bother, you don't stand a chance.

So, I can't have the birds? What about those butterflys? You know those ones that keep flying around the flowers?

Nope. Fast as you are you won't get them either.

Ok, Miss Kow It All Lady, what can I chase?

Well, I guess you could try to catch the squirrels. They always try to steal the bird seed.

Wow, that's what I'll do! I'll go chase the squirrels. Mom would like that, right?

Sure kid, just keep thinking you can catch those squirrels. I'm going to take a nap. Don't bother me any more, ok?

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Pay Attention

Want to drive Mom nuts? Sit up and woof softly at her while she is watching the baseball game. Or worse yet, sit up and stare at her.Don't bother with the toys or jumping into her lap. A good old soft woof will do the trick anytime. Not a bark mind you, just a little bitty "woof" Gets her everytime. Daisy has decided she can really bug Mom that way. I, on the other hand, am soo above that. I agree with Queen Victoria, "we are not amused".

By the way Mom's favorite baseball team, the Houston Astros will be coming out with a calendar later this year which features some of the players and the animal friends! Cool!

Lady and Daisy

Thursday, August 10, 2006

I'm Going Hunting

The other night when Mom and I were about to go outside before bedtime, I saw something run across the patio toward the house. Being the Great Red Hunter that I am, I took off after it. Can't get very far on a leash though. Mom would not let me chase it cause she thinks it was a rat. Mom is not happy about this. We dont have any mice or rats in our house. Maybe an occasional roach when it rains, but no rodents. As the little creature ran into the flower bed at the back of the house, I tried to follow. Man, Mom's no fun! She pulled me back! She kept telling me that what ever the animal was it could hurt me. I still wanted to catch it.

So everyday since that night, whenever I go outside I go right to the spot. Sooner or later I will find that little guy! I am the Great Red Hunter and I intend to rid my yard of all enemies! Don't think Mom will really let me, but I can dream, can't I?

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Let's Give Mom a Hand or Paw

Now that Mom has a headache from trying to do this... Lady is facing you and I am relaxing at the back of the chair.

Big Arfs!!

Daisy and Lady

The Girls