Tales From Daisy, Now I Get Top Billing!

The long and short of the lives of us.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

That's Not a Throne, Daisy

Daisy, let me tell you something. You do not sit on a throne, trust me. Why do you insist on sitting on the left arm of Mom or Dad's recliners. Every time they sit down, you have to get up and sit on the left arm of the chair. Why? That is not a throne. Mom and Dad have already told you not to do that. They think you will fall off. And what's with the left side? Why do you always have to sit on that side. You go something against the right side? Why cant you just lie or sit in the chair like a normal dog, you know, like me. I have my special chair, with my special blanket. I get on the chair under the blanket and mind my own business. Why can't you? Just who do you think you are? Trust me Daisy. I'm the only Grand Dame in this house. You like in "The King and I" you can't sit higher than me! So get off the left are of the chair!

Kids! Well it's time for my nap.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Oops, I wasn't supposed to do that?

Man, Lady has been sneaking upstairs early every night. I guess she doesn't like the dew on her belly. Neither do I. But she's been sneaking off and getting in my bed. Then I get in hers, ha.

But, I guess I goofed up yesterday. Last night Mom kept looking at me funny. She kept asking me if I was guilty of something. Who me? Why would you think that? Just because I was lying on the floor under the bar stool instead of in the chair? So Mom went up stairs and looked all over the place and couldn't find anything. That is until she went into the bathroom. She had put the toilet paper back on the holder. She took it off a long time ago because she got tired of me playing with it. Doesn't every good dog like to pull the toilet paper off the roll? So, Mom found my trick. She thought it was safe to put the toilet paper on the holder again. Boy, I fooled her! I pulled it off and left it all over the floor. And Lady thinks she is the only sneaky one!

Now Mom is not too happy. She did not like to have to re-roll the paper. Serves you right,Mom! What do you mean, I'm not supposed to do that? Yeah, I know Lady doesn't do stuff like that. But I'm not Lady! You're no fun, Mom.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Somebody Help Me, Mom is Driving Me Crazy!

Ok, so I was having fun bugging Mom. I was listening to a dog bark on tv,minding my own business. I know Mom says that is impossible!. Anyway, what does Mom do? She pulls her cell phone out of her pocket. I look at it and give it a good sniff over. Not bad, I think. Wonder what it tastes like? It is kinda hard. Hum... Suddenly Mom flips it open and I see this bright light. Weird. Then this noise, no wait, that is music. At least I think it is music. Oh No, Mom has Barry Manilow music on her phone! Yikes, let me bite it, no I'll bark at it. How annoying! She put the phone on the floor as the music to "Copa" played. Grrr. I tried to run away, but Mom let it follow me around. I started barking and running around and around. I can't get away from it! Now I know that Mom likes Barry Manilow but there is only so much "at the copa..." I can stand! Why me?! Shut up Lady, how come Mom doesn't torture you?

Monday, September 11, 2006


Daisy, you are too funny!. Those things on the ground are leaves. You run through them not away from them. They wont bite. I know some of them make a lot of noise, but they wont hurt you. I have run through many of them. So go ahead kid. RUN.

I, on the other hand, have no desire to run, I'll just watch you make a fool of yourself. After all I am the Grand Dame of the house.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Guess What I Found!

So picture this. Mom and I are walking around the back yard the other night just before bedtime. I'm walking along the fence getting ready to do my job when I see something moving along the top of the fence. Wow, a possum! Can I get it, Mom? Mom did not think it was a good idea to chase it because this area where we live has had some birds and animals with rabies. But I really wanted to get it! It just stood there really still as I tried to jump up to see it. Then Mom picked up a stick and threw it at it. Then it ran off. Foiled again! Thanks a lot Mom!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Daisy and I get Serious

Daisy and I were saddened to learn of the death of Steve Irwin. Mom always enjoyed watching his shows. We just feel very lucky. We are loved and well treated. Unlike some of the animals in this world. One of the things that Steve Irwin tried to do was to bring awareness to the problems facing some of the different species in the world. He tried to show the humans that if something wasn't done soon, some wonderful creatures would vanish off the planet. As much as humans love us, they need to take better care of the earth. So many different creatures may be lost forever. Steve truly loved what he did.It must be nice to be a human who loves his work. Too many humans don't enjoy what they do for a living. We think the planet has lost a good friend. He will be missed.