Tales From Daisy, Now I Get Top Billing!

The long and short of the lives of us.

Monday, January 22, 2007

I'm So Sneaky I almost Scare Myself

I'd rolling on the floor here cause I pulled a fast on Mom again. She was washing the poop (Mine?) off her shoe. I snuch into the bathroom and grabbed the toilet paper. Through the kitchen and into the livingroom I went. I almost got the whole floor. Then Mom discovered it. She spent a lot of time glaring at me while she tried (in vain) to re-roll the paper. LOL! I don't know why she doesn't think it is so funny. I did. Of course Lady just rolled her eyes at me.

Monday, January 15, 2007

You Want Me To Do What?

Ok, Mom, I'm dancing here. Let's go out. Yikes! No wonder Lady is hiding under her blanket. Hey, Lady why didn't you tell me! Maybe I'd better rethink this going out every three or four hours and do like lady, hide! I know it was raining this morning when we first went out. Man, now it is really c-c-cold and nasty out there. What was I thinking? No wonder Mom is trying to get me to hurry. Man that rain is cold. Maybe I'll just stay upstairs and forget about my afternoon walks. What's sleet? Freezing rain? You mean I have to go out in it? What was I thinking? Not freezing yet? Are you kidding? Take me back inside. Mom, Now! I'll poop later!

Friday, January 12, 2007

The Confrontation

Daisy and Mom went for a walk the other night. Nothing spectacular about that, right? Not exactly! Daisy came face to face with a black cat. Just as I was when I was little, Daisy thought the cat would be someone to play with. No st Daisy. Let me tell you about the time I thought a cat would be a fun playmate. Ask Mom about the emergency visit to the vet cause the cat did not want to play. In fact that cat swiped me right in the eye. The vet looked at my eye and told Mom that I had a scratched cornea. I had to take eye drops and they were not fun. Trust me Daisy, you do not want to play with that cat. He likes sitting in the window of his townhouse and then he likes to go outside at night. He does not like little dogs like us. Just be glad he didn't take a swing at you. I'm glad Mom pulled you away from him. Take it from me, Daisy, steet clear of that cat.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Dog Gone, Almost

What's the big deal? I slipped out of the house and ran down the sidewalk to the street? Mom and Dad tried to chase me but I stayed just out of reach. They were worried that I would run into the big street in front of the neighborhood. But I just ran down the street the houses are on. So what? There weren't any cars going by. I wouldn't let Mom and Dad get close. Then I saw one of the neighbors go out to his mailbox. I had to go see him. He's gotta think I'm cute, right? Nuts as soon as I got around the neighbor's feet Dad caught me! What's the big deal, I just wanted to run?

Lady is too lazy to even try, he he. And Mom is still mad at "anonymous" who thought that she treats us like kids. He called me a freaking dog and that Mom was an idiot! Too bad we don't know who that person is, I'd like to tell him a few things!

Hope you all had a Happy New Year!


Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Do You Hear What I Hear?

Ok,Daisy, you can relax now. Mom says it is daylight Maybe there won't be so much noise tonight. You really need to learn to just get in the chair and forget about it. I know we are in a new place and there are a lot of noises that are new. Like every time the neighbor across the walk goes in or out or when the two kids are going out. They make a lot of noise.

Mom had to hold you to keep you from barking. Just chill out. You'll get used to it. Humans do stupid things. Did you hear that car with the radio playing so loud? An don't forget all the fire trucks and ambulances that go by here. They are really loud,especially if you are outside when they go by.

Take a breather Daisy, maybe there won't be so much noise tonight.