Tales From Daisy, Now I Get Top Billing!

The long and short of the lives of us.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Is it New Years, Yet?

Ok, Lady and I have settled into our new digs. We have to be very, very quite. Every time the neighbor across the way comes home with their kids I'v got to be noisy and barky. Mom keeps telling me to be quiet. This place is a lot different from our house. I think Mom and Dad miss not having a house. And Lady and I miss our yard. h well. Apparently there was a "dry run" by somebody shooting fireworks last night. I got really upset. Daddy had to hold me in his lap. I don't look forward to New Year's Eve, it's too noisy. And Mom thinks I'm loud! And she keeps threatening to roast that stupid parrot "Astro". Talk about loud!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Daisy, You Freaked Mom Out!

Yesterday, Mom and I were walking around the back "yard" while I was looking for a spot to do my business. As I sniffed for a good spot Mom just about had a heart attack cause Daisy came walking up to us! Mom had already taken her out earlier so she was really surprised to see Daisy. As wild and crazy as Daisy is, we think it is something of a small miracle that She found us instead of going in the other direction or into that busy street. Mom was really scared, but thankful that Daisy chose to find us instead. I hope that doesn't happen again.

As irritating as Daisy is none of us want her to get hurt. She really doesn't understand how dangerous the world out there is. Be careful Daisy!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Daisy, Santa Is Watching You!

Yawn, Daisy, why can't you be like me? Just be cool. Why do you have to get in so much trouble? You are stressing Mom out. Please behave. Watch me, I'm the Good Dog!Why do you make Mom take you out so often? You are getting on her nerve wanting to go out every hour. And that pacing back and forth is really irritating! Especially at night on this dark carpet!. You seem to stay in trouble! Mom has to always hurry to take you out cause you can't seem to wait. You make her mad cause you always have to make a mess somewhere. I know you can wait. What is your problem. You know you get a treat when you go do both your businesses. But you'd rather make her made. Be more like me, I go out first thing in the morning and get my stuff done. Then I go out later in the afternoon and before bed. I don't cause problems. You seem to want all the attention and if you dont get what you want immediately you make a mess. That doesn't make Mom happy, and she has Santa on speed-dial! What's with the pacing back and forth till you make Mom take you out. You don't need to pee every hour. Do you need to go to the dog doctor? I think you are just making excuses to make Mom take you out so you can watch every little thing that goes on. Hey kid, you aren't a puppy anymore. You can hold it, I know you can. I've seen you do it. Santa is watching you, you'd better straighten up or I'll tell on you!

Be more like me kid, after all I've been around a while. I know the ropes. Daisy watch me, learn, you'll get more hugs and treats if you are good.

Friday, December 15, 2006

What's Up Lady?

Hey Lady why don't you want to play with me? Every time I want to play you start growling and chasing me. Could it be that you don't like me nipping you in the butt? I know you want your beauty sleep. You don't even want to walk around. Come on and play before Mom makes us be quiet. You need the exercise, so I'll let you chase me around the living room. Come on...please!

Hey Lady...

She's no fun. Guess I'll just have to go annoy Mom. Or maybe the kids next door. They thought I came from their Aunt Mary's house. They could not understand. Their Dad told Mom that they think all of us look alike since their Aunt has one like us. Humph, I am not their aunt's dog!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Hey Mom's been taking me for walks down the street in the new neighborhood. Boy, this is different, and a little scary. I found some big grates that water runs into but Mom says I must be careful so I don't fall into it. Who knew that garbage cans could be scary, too. There are a lot of cars and trucks going by one the street in front. Man they go fast. Last night Mom and Dad went upstairs to watch a wrecker get a truck out of the ditch. I kept looking at all the flashing lights.

Hey Lady, wanna go for a walk?

Are you nuts! You'd go one way and I don't!

Phooey Lady, you're not fun.

There are a lot of big yellow busses going around in the morning and afternoon. They annoy me. That is unless the little people get off and see me. They think I'm cute. Yes, I am! But those busses are noisy.

Well, that's all for now. I see a spot of sun shining through the window. Time for me to get in the spot.



Thursday, December 07, 2006


Hey, Lady watch out for the floor. The upstairs hall is slippery. Maybe Mom will get some kind of rug so we don't slide. Of course Mom thinks it's funny to watch us try to get traction.

And now I am miffed! Mom and Dad went to WalMart the other day and found a cute little outfit for Lady. A cute pink coat with Lady written on it. I think it was a "Lady and the Tramp" thing. What about me? How come there was no pretty Daisy flowered coat? hum!



Wednesday, December 06, 2006

New Place, New Smells, New Sights

Mom and Dad finally got us all moved into the townhouse. Mom is currently complaining cause she cant fit all her kitchen stuff into the kitchen. Yeah, like she really cooks big meals! It's a really big change. Only two bedrooms and one small living room. They put in new carpet. Mom and Dad got to pick the color so they picked dark brown. Now they cant see us at night, he he. Can you spell trouble? Funny thing is that there is carpet in the living room and bedrooms but not in the upstairs hall. When we are in a hurry we end up sliding around the corner. Sorry Lady did not mean to run over you (yeah I did).

We dont have a fenced backyard so Mom has to keep us on a leash. She has also decided to walk me and Lady separately cause Lady is slow and I am really fast. But that one street is so busy it scares me. Mom wont let us near it. I do like walking down our neighborhood street. Gotta get my exercise! I saw a big statue of Scooby-doo on somebody's porch the other day. I almost thought it was real. Yesterday when we were coming back from our afternoon walk it was about the same time the school bus stopped to let some little kids off. Yeas, I charmed them! Lady missed it all, ha!

We need to be really quite since our house is part of a building with 4 townhouses. Mom doesnt want us to make too much noise. Me, be quiet? Not gonna happen. After all I am the noisy one.

Arfs to all